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I'm a bit excited to say, that I'm now having my 2 colouring books - 'Big Hair Art' and 'Toff Cats' printed independently now and not just with Amazon. The books i am doing myself have 120gsm paper quality ( which i think I'm right in saying is about double the thickness of my books on Amazon - which I might add you have no control over).  And - Toff Cats, i am now able to offer as a wire bound book, making it much better for colouring as it will lie flat. I will get some Big Hair books printed as wire bound, but I have a few here still to sell, that I had done a while ago (still 120gsm paper), so I shall wait til they have gone first.

More news to follow on the books - but that will wait for next time!

I should be able to keep this blog up to date more now my website is completely up dated. I just got that finished today with my new colouring books and other art works for sale ...... why don't you take a little looksi?(!) x

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