I cannot believe where the time has gone! The last time I posted to my blog here was 26th March! Lummy loos - it just flies by, eh? Obviously I've been busy; not just with my art - though that is my major busy-ness! But also with the garden. Which is pretty big as it happens. (And I was - still am I suppose), a Garden Designer when I was working, so therefore when we moved in here 5 years ago, with this mooosive blank canvas of a garden, I created all these planting beds. and they need lots of looking after. So, thats what I've also been up to.

But art wise, well. Where to begin. I'll keep this short and add to it as and when, but in the main, yes, I've been working on new techniques with pencil and graphite drawings, and then by adding water colours to a printed version (on a good inkjet water colour paper).

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