Surrey Creative Solutions

This company did a wonderful job in re-producing my website. They are specialists in 'Search Engine Optimization', and indeed, I have noticed an increase in traffic. They ticked every box when it came to the actual design of the website. 

The company are extremely pleasant to work with, and sat with me at length to 'show me the ropes', after which I found it simple to keep updated and manage myself. Especially knowing they were on the end of the phone for any help I might need (which I did on the odd occasion!). I'd highly recommend them.

Doodledoo Charity Cards

I actually sell many of my designs as greeting cards with this company. They are a very good quality card, and some of the money goes to charity. 

Find them here:

Grade 1 Hair Salon

The man who runs this salon is a super nice person. He invites one artist a month to show their work on one of his large salon walls. Great idea - for the artist in question, and the clients, giving them something at least to look at other than a bare wall! He himself has an interest in art, and his salon is extremely busy - and my month of February has been very successful! 

Click on the photo below to be linked through to Grade 1

appArt Exhibitions

I'm about to do my second exhibition with appArt. Brilliantly curated, and again lovely people to work with. A professional, but friendly team to exhibit with, in a light airy venue in Godalming, Surrey.

Click on the photo below for the link:

Romsey Fotografix

Great photographers for personal and commercial photos. Very friendly and accommodating. They also produce some very arty shots, some of which are also for sale as cards on 'Doodledoo'.

Check out their Instagram page to see the wonderful art work they are also producing: search: fotografixgal

Click the link below to go to their website:

First Steps Art at Denbies Vinyard

First Steps is a group of artists run by a lovely lady, herself an artist. She puts on exhibitions at an extremely affordable rate for artists, and spends an enormous amount of time at the venue during the exhibition. A very friendly group who are very welcoming. Click on the link below to go to their website:

Denbies, a vinyard, with a pleasant cafe, and who host tours / tastings / and more formal meals, host regular exhibitions for various art groups. They also have a very nice gift shop!