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First Things First!

I'll let you into a little secret .... I'm not much good at writing - as in writing my blog. Or even social media posts. I write something. I re-write it. I write it again. I then tweak it. And it goes on. Truthfully, writing just does not come naturally to me, which is why there's some long gaps between my posts on here! 

BUT .. here I am!  

And here's another thing. I've been so busy either promoting on social media or producing art, I don't know where to start. I'm trying out new techniques with my artwork too, so lots to tell. Some I will leave for another post.

What I do want to share with you over the next few weeks, amongst other posts on here,  are some colourings from others who have bought my 'Big Hair Art' colouring book. I'm truly flattered and honoured when anyone buys one of my books, and then even more so when they put their colourings on Facebook or Instagram or whatever.  These first coloured pages below, (yes - there are a lot!!) - are by Carol Ricchio Nelson, who has, as you can see by the number here,  now completed the whole book bar a couple of pages, and each time she has shared them online online. (The link attached to her name will take you to her Instagram page). It really flatters me. And I am hugely impressed by her colouring technique and the colours she chooses to use. They somehow look either spring-like with soft flowery colours; or autumnal with fiery reds and oranges; and some are vibrant with a mix of colours. Carol uses coloured pencils; including Prismacolor pencils, and Crayola Twistables. Also, Gel pens, Gelly Roll gel pens and Wexford gel pens.  (As she lives in the US, those brand names may not be available here - but I'm sure there are others). 

So here then are her coloured pages! And thank you Carol for allowing me to share them.  

If any of you have any coloured pages from my book you'd like me to share on here, post them on Instagram and #bighairartlynne  Or simply email them to me:  lynneavonvale@btinternet.com

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