Toff Cats – ‘Tails’ of Funky Felines

ToffCats was hugely fun to create! Hard work - like Big Hair, it took me several months to complete, but it was a fun journey. For anyone who isn’t aware, a ‘Toff’ is someone who is posh; in this case all the cats in the book are posh.They live life in the fast lane, but also know how to relax. And whatever they’re doing they are always wearing a bowler hat, and are never without a bottle of wine! There’s 16 one sided pages to colour in the book (less than in Big Hair which has 24). And naturally, the inspirational cat I based the book on was none other than my Tonto.

Some example pages from the book.  This would make a great present for a cat lover, or a young person who enjoys colouring; or even a little present for yourself ... if nothing else the scenarios will bring a smile to your face! 

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