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This is the second attempt at this post as I lost all the content from my first attempt, so here we go again! Anyhow ..... Ta Dah.....! Here is my new website, which is why you've not heard from me for a long while. It has been created by a very clever young man - I'll be putting a link to him on my social media soon as I highly recommend him. He specialises in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

Anyhows, it's great to have a professional website, which I can access  myself to make any changes. I've also got a fully stocked shop, from where I'm selling my artwork as Giclee prints. (Giclee prints are more expensive than a standard print, but they are more superior, as there is specialised equipment and inks involved, and the colours are steadfast - i.e. they won't fade - for 100 years).  I decided I'd rather sell a superior product. But, if any one wants a standard print, just let me know, I can certainly get one. No problemo!

From my shop..... just incase you've not yet had a peep(!), I'm selling the aforementioned prints, and my 2 colouring books in PDF format. This means you buy from my website, and I will send you via email the relevant PDF files. You open the individual files, and can print them off page by page onto whatever paper or card you prefer to colour on. These are also known as instant printable downloads. It literally is that instant... you pay your money and they're in your inbox in seconds! (It works - I've tried it!).

Big Hair Art PDF         Toff Cats PDF

My next post I'll tell you about Toff Cats, my second colouring book. Both have had a few good reviews: see them HERE.

Big Hair Art
Toff Cats
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