Watercolour Art Prints

My aim with the combination of watercolours with harsh
black marker pen, is to create a contrast of the soft,
transparency of the watercolour paint, against the
harsh blackness of the pen drawing – sometimes in
quite an angular style – giving even more contrast.
To add more intensity to the black lines, I use a
water-soluble black pen along small lengths of the
permanent marker, gently worked with a damp brush
which allows it to ‘bleed’ and smudge, blending into
the paint. I like to keep the paint colours limited
to about 4 colours, all very muted, and transparent,
again to contrast with the opaqueness of the pen.

My Giclee prints are printed using professional
Epson Stylus Pro large format printers with
Epson UltraChrome HD Inks, and are all lightfast
for 100 years.


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