Colouring Books


Has 24 quite detailed, highly patterned pages (one sided); allowing for you to colour any which way you choose. From creating vibrant artworks with masses of mixed colours, to a more calming effect with toning colours. Whether you choose marker pens (oh, there are soooo many!), or more sedate coloured pencils, it's up to you as either lend themselves to the designs.

A good quality colouring book with one sided pages on 120gsm  bright white matt paper.

Buy your 'Big Hair Art' printed book HERE  £5.00 + p&p 

OR you can have the whole book downloaded to your inbox instantly as a PDF digital download. This allows you to print at home on what ever paper or card stock you choose. And you'll have a great colourful picture to frame!

Buy your 'Big Hair Art' PDF download  HERE  £4.00

The following video gives a peep inside the book.


Toff Cats is my second colouring book. It is a fun book with 16 scenarios of Toff cats - which are posh cats in various situations.  They always wear a bowler hat and always have a bottle of wine on their person! They live life in the fast lane! Each page is one sided.

Its a fun book, with varying degrees of details, and of course you can be as subtle or - like the cats themselves - as wild as you like with colour!

Now available as a wire bound printed copy on 120gsm thick paper -

Buy your 'Toff Cats' wire bound book  HERE  £5.00 + p&p

OR you can have the whole book downloaded to your inbox instantly as a PDF digital download, allowing you to print at home on the paper or card stock of your choice.

Buy your 'Toff Cats' PDF download HERE £4.00

A video clip which gives an insight into the book...  (please note; the printed copy is now wire bound, enabling it to lay completely flat for ease of colouring - see photo left). The video clip shows the older version, now unavailable.

Quick tip: it's always best to place a piece of card under the page you are colouring if using markers, to prevent bleed-through.